It began as the story of one man and has now grown into one of the most impassioned property developers in Europe. Being the best by doing your best. Always. In new-build and redevelopment. Welcome to OVG.


Experience has taught us that it is the apparently unfeasible assignments that lead to the most innovative solutions. The only way to find a new way is to leave the beaten track. Our projects are a perfect example of this. The end-user is always at the forefront. Location and building type follow on from this. The building is not the end, just the means.

About OVG

When founder & CEO Coen van Oostrom started OVG at the age of 27 a lack of financial means forced him to create his own chances. It is his energy and ambition that has thus created the OVG method. Since then everyone joining OVG has shared the same enthusiasm and passion for our profession. This is what makes OVG so enterprising.


For us sustainability means managing the available resources as cleverly as possible in order to provide people with buildings that are not only beautiful but affordable and environmentally responsible as well. Having our own Sustainability Center enables us to continuously stay ahead of the market. Because finding the best green innovations for our clients is what we are all about.


As far as we are concerned property development is the best job in the world. Every day is an inspiration – bringing so many different expertises together and working together towards a common goal. Even when someone other than OVG does it. Here, you can read about everything that enthuses us and what makes us proud to be a property developer.

OVG Real Estate Develops World’s Most Sustainable Office Building

Amsterdam, 11 December 2014 – OVG Real Estate, the Dutch commercial real estate developer and investor, has created the world’s most sustainable office building after its newest property was awarded the highest score ever recorded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the global assessor of sustainable buildings. The Edge, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, achieved a BREEAM new construction certification of ‘Outstanding’. OVG worked in close partnership with the building’s principle occupier, leading global professional services firm Deloitte and AKD, notary and lawyer firm. 

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